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New product Studies

In a changing market, staying competitive often requires developing new products and services or improving existing ones. Whether you are trying to determine new product design, measure market validation, or assess existing products, market research is an essential tool that increases your chances for success.

At Ethical Research, we are well known for our expertise in testing people’s receptiveness to new products, ideas, concepts and features. In addition to more traditional approaches, we expertly implement leading-edge conjoint analysis tools. This methodology is highly effective in defining optimal feature bundles or best-pricing strategies for emerging products or services and line extensions.

How can we Help you?

Our product Development Market Research Can help you:

  • Determine the level of need for your products or services
  • Define and prioritize features
  • Identify acceptable price points
  • Pinpoint ideal market entry timing
  • Identify appealing packaging
  • Determine the best distribution methods
  • Types of consumer studies we offer

    When asked outright, many people have a difficult time communicating what product features they value most. Determining what features are important to consumers, dealers or other buyers is a vital part of the product development decision-making process.How can your business effectively determine important product or service features? Market research is an essential tool that increases the likelihood of success

    Our product development solutions includes New Product Development, New concept testing, Packaging Development Testing.

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